New iPhone 7 Ad Puts Stickers in the Real World

Apple on Monday via its YouTube channel shared a brand new television commercial for iPhone 7, titled “Sticker Fight”. Much like its September 2016 “Balloons” ad, the most recent 60-second video takes another iOS 10 iMessage feature to the real-world: sticker packs. “Say it with stickers on iPhone 7,” reads the tagline. Apple also created a new App Store section where you can download all of the stickers featured in the ad.

Here's the video:

The ad itself lasts only a minute, and there’s a lot of running and slapping stickers on people. We get to see creative options like a person throwing up a rainbow, the standard thumbs down, and more. There’s a lot of running and sticker fighting, and finally an iPhone 7 right there at the end.


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