LiberTV Jailbreak Released for Apple TV 4 running tvOS 10.0 – 10.1

As you may recall, a couple of days ago we reported on an upcoming jailbreak for the Apple TV 4 and tvOS 10, from macOS and iOS internals researcher Jonathan Levin. At that time the tool was undergoing some final beta testing, but as of today the wait is over, and the jailbreak has been made available to the public.

Known as LiberTV, this jailbreak has been developed for Apple TV 4 running tvOS 10.0 – 10.1. The jailbreak takes advantage of the exploits used by the Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10. Apparently, many of the exploits used by the Yalu jailbreak are also present in tvOS 10.0 – 10.1, thereby making this jailbreak possible.

As of this writing, the LiberTV jailbreak supports tvOS 10.0 – 10.1, but an update is in the works for supporting tvOS 9.1. As for tvOS 10.1.1 (the latest version), it is not supported yet and there’s currently no information whether a jailbreak for this firmware will be made available or not.

Here's the website FAQ page:
  • The tool supports tvOS 10-10.1 inclusive.
  • It will support tvOS 9.1 in a later update, as it requires a different bug.
  • tvOS 10.1.1 (the current firmware at the time of writing) is not supported. Please, no questions about support for that firmware.
  • It’s semi-tethered, meaning you must re-jailbreak on each reboot. However, compared to an iOS device this is less of an issue, as most people leave the Apple TV on standby when not in use and rarely unplug/restart it.
  • It does not include Cydia as this would require Saurik’s input, but theoretically could run it.
  • It could support Cydia Substrate for tweaks and themes, but again, Levin will not be working on that personally.
  • nitoTV for LiberTV is in the works, but should not currently be installed as it has been causing serious problems. A fix is on the way, so wait for news on that.
  • LiberTV can disable auto-updates for Apple TV when installed, and also features the Dropbear SSH client.
  • The jailbreak is inherently probabilistic, so it may take a few tries to succeed. This is due to the increased amount of RAM in the Apple TV 4. If it fails, keep trying; the success rate is apparently roughly 25%.
  • Whilst the developer is not accepting donations, he does suggest that satisfied users donate to a charity of their choice in order to keep the goodwill flowing.
Apparently, it takes a couple of tries before the jailbreak can be installed successfully on your Apple TV. Therefore if it fails for the first or second time, do not give up and keep on retrying. Once installed successfully, the jailbreak is capable of disabling auto-updates and comes with the Dropbear SSH client installed.

If you wish to try out the LiberTV jailbreak, simply download it and sideload it with Cydia Impactor. I recommend reading the LiberTV FAQ beforehand. 


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