iOS 10.3 Beta 5 vs iOS 10.2.1 [Speed Test]

Earlier this week, Apple seeded the fifth beta of iOS 10.3 to developers which comes with some bugs fixes and improvements. iOS 10.3 comes with APFS, Apple’s new file system that should bring about some major speed improvements. Back in January, when a speed test between iOS 10.3 beta 1 and iOS 10.2.1 was conducted, the new file system led to a noticeable improvement in boot times and app loading times.

A few beta builds later, things have actually regressed in some areas. As per the latest speed test done by YouTuber iAppleBytes show, the iPhone 5s running iOS 10.3 beta 5 now boots slower when compared to iOS 10.2.1. Only the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 continue to boot faster on the latest iOS beta, while the 6s boots up at the same speed.
With iOS 10.3 still in beta stage, it is possible that we can see some noticeable improvements when the final build of the OS drops. And even if app loading and boot times don’t improve post the update, the switch to APFS should lead to basic tasks like copy/paste and transferring files between apps taking place at a much faster pace. Thoughts?


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