Facebook ‘Messenger Day’ Launches Worldwide, Its Snapchat Clone for Messenger

Facebook announced Thursday that a feature in its mobile Messenger app that allows people to post auto-disappearing photos and videos has now begun rolling out globally following a previous soft launch in select countries like Poland and Australia. They’re calling it Messenger Day because anything you post there disappears automatically after 24 hours, just like with Instagram Stories or those auto-vanishing status updates on WhatsApp.

“This is about today. It’s not about yesterday. It’s not about tomorrow,” David Marcus, Facebook’s Vice President of Messaging, told TechCrunch. He says the feature was designed to add context to conversations and help users inform their friends about where they want to take their day in some creative ways.

To use the feature, tap the new Add to Your Day button at the top of the Messenger inbox. If you don’t see the button, Messenger Day has not rolled out in your market yet—be patient and try again in a few days or weeks.

Messenger Day will be available right within Facebook’s Messenger app. Just make sure to update the app to the latest version. Messenger Day shared by your friends will sit at the top of the app in a horizontal row just like Instagram Stories.

Source: Facebook


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