Developers Cannot Update App Store Description Without Apple’s Approval Now

Developers could refresh App Store’s meta data for their apps at any time, but not anymore. According to 9to5Mac, which first spotted the change, Apple’s iTunesConnect tool for developers used for editing metadata now requires that a new version of the app be submitted for review before its description, release notes and other metadata can be edited. Any changes made to an app’s metadata won’t go live on App Store until the new binary has been approved by Apple’s editorial team.

Apple has not formally announced this change in policy, but a passage in the iTunes Connect Developer Guide does state that changing some metadata requires that developers create a new app binary and resubmit it for review.

Post this change, the only field in their app listing that developers can change without any approval from Apple is their Privacy Policy URL. Previously, developers could have edited the ‘What’s New’ and description of their app at any time they wanted.

Apple’s intention seems to be to combat spam here, but this can lead to app review process being congested with unnecessarily minor updates. Not to mention it makes some very basic tasks for developers unnecessarily complex and tedious.


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