Barclays Analysts Believe OLED iPhone 8 Will Still Launch in September Albeit in Limited Quantities

According to the latest research from Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis, Christopher Hemmelgarn, Thomas O’Malley and Jerry Zhang, obtained by MacRumors, Apple may still launch iPhone 8 in September alongside the iterative iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus series, albeit in limited quantity. However, the majority of iPhone 8 stock may not be available until much later in the fourth quarter.

Barclays analysts traveled to Asia earlier this month, speaking with various sources from Apple’s supply chain. They came away convinced that iPhone 8 will still launch in September.

Here’s an excerpt from the Barclays research note:
Suppliers generally had good things to say about the upcoming iPhone 8 launch as new features drive a more complicated manufacturing process and higher average selling prices. We now believe that all three devices will feature wireless charging and will all be launched in the normal September timeframe, although the majority of iPhone 8 volumes may not be available until the fourth quarter.
As for the specs and features, Barclays analysts believe that all three variants of the iPhone will feature wireless charging, though the wireless charger will not be bundled in the box. And while the iPhone Pro will feature a 5.8-inch OLED display, it will only have a usable area of around 5.15-inches, which is in line with other reports.

The iPhone Pro is rumored to cost upwards of $1,000 and will feature a Touch ID sensor integrated into its display, which was specifically developed by Apple. The handset is also expected to come with some sort of iris or facial recognition that will rely on a revolutionary 3D selfie camera.

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