Apple’s Two New iPad Pro Ads Are All About Notes and Decluttering Your Desk

Apple just rolled out a pair of new iPad Pro commercials via its YouTube channel, running sixteen seconds each and titled “Need Less Stuff” and “Take Better Notes”. The former positions iPad Pro as a clutter-free alternative to clunky desktop PCs.

The latter makes the bold claim that iPad Pro and Apple Pencil “revolutionized the way people take notes,” adding that users can even record voice notes. Watch the new videos, then jump into the comment section to tell us how you liked them.

Both ads are 15 seconds long, and you can watch them both below. One focuses on how the iPad Pro can be used to remove a lot of potentially unnecessary things from your desk, while the other showcases the note-taking abilities of the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil, and more.

“Your computer would be more than a computer, if your computer was an iPad Pro,” says the video’s description. Must be fun for these folks to wake up realizing their tweeting has been featured in an Apple commercial.


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