Apple-Backed Didi Chuxing Opening Self-Driving Lab in Mountain View, Cupertino

Didi Chuxing, the leading ride-hailing company in China, has opened an artificial intelligence lab near Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, reports Recode. The lab is located in Mountain View, CA and it will focus on “intelligent driving systems.”

Apple had invested $1 billion in Didi Chuxing last year.

The company will be working on the technology behind self-driving cars at its new lab like AI-based security for transportation and intelligent driving systems. It has already poached many engineers from Uber and Google to work for it. This includes Charlie Miller from Uber and Jio Zhaoyin from Google’s Waymo arm.

Mountain View is also the home to many other self-driving companies and startups including Google’s Waymo and Uber. While Didi Chuxing is working on its own self-driving technology, it looks unlikely to me that the company will collaborate with Apple on it despite the latter investing $1 billion in it.

Put together, it sounds like Didi has made a major splash in the autonomous driving corner of Silicon Valley and I expect we’ll hear more about the lab and their projects in the coming months.


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