iPhone 8 Said to Offer 64GB/256GB Storage Options, 3GB of RAM

Apple’s first OLED-based iPhone will have three gigabytes of RAM like the current iPhone 7 Plus models and come in two storage capacities—64GB and 256GB—eliminating the current 32GB SKU as an entry-level option when it comes to storage size. It won’t feature a curved display due to production and drop test issues with 3D glass, as per Chinese research firm TrendForce.

The research firm corroborated today’s report from KGI Securities about iPhone 8’s “revolutionary” FaceTime camera having advanced imaging hardware to support 3D sensing and modeling, augmented reality applications and advanced two-step biometric authentication combining facial recognition and Touch ID fingerprint scanning.

Additionally, the report also states that Apple will drop the 32GB storage option altogether when it comes to the iPhone 8. Instead, Apple will apparently launch a 64GB iPhone 8 and a 256GB iPhone 8. That would also ditch the three-tier model that Apple has stuck with for quite some time.

Related, the report also states that the iPhone 7s models will offer storage options up to 256GB as well, but does not indicate what other options there will be to choose from.

The suggestion that Apple will go with only two storage options for the iPhone 8 means that Apple could price it at $999, if it lines up with previous rumors that have said Apple’s flagship 2017 iPhone will start at $1,000, and could be priced even higher. The 256GB iPhone 8 may well cost $1,100, for instance.

Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes said earlier that Apple’s competitors are facing a global shortage of OLEDs, which could prevent them from achieving the same kind of shipment growth as in last year.


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