IBM And United Airlines Working Together To Create Enterprise iOS Apps For Over 50,000 Employees

Apple, IBM and United Airlines said Thursday they’ve teamed up on a next-generation of apps for United’s employees that will make their work easier while improving your flying experience. These apps will assist the carrier’s front-line employees in handling peak customer demands better while enabling more effective maintenance for over 50,000 iOS and Apple Watch devices already deployed.

 United Airlines will take advantage of IBM’s Mobile at Scale for iOS, a new design and development model from IBM for rapid deployment of multiple iOS apps. The apps and services will integrate easily with United’s enterprise solutions thereby equipping its employees with all the important data right at their fingertips.
“United Airlines is committed to delivering positive traveler experiences that begin with front line engagements during all points of the passenger journey – from check-in to departure to destination,” said Dee Waddell, Global Managing Director, Travel & Transportation Industries, IBM. “This enhanced strategy with mobile solutions from IBM and Apple allows United Airlines employees to tap into the right information at the right time to instantaneously address the needs that matter most to passengers.”
At any rate, the new collaborative effort will help deliver more tools and technologies faster to United’s front-line employees than would be possible if they were building it all themselves. United’s top executive in charge of technology said its flight attendants, gate agents and technical people visited Apple’s Cupertino headquarters last week, prior to launching the new initiative.

[Via IBM]


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