Cydia Updated to Version 1.1.28, Purchases Are Now Enabled in iOS 10

Since the release of yalu102 for iOS 10.0-10.2, users of the newest jailbreak have been unable to make new purchases on the Cydia store. This is completely normal behaviour; Saurik disables purchases on new firmware versions until both Cydia and the jailbreak reach a level of stability. The reason for this is to prevent complaints, refunds, and device problems brought about by the purchase and use of incompatible tweaks.

With purchases now enabled, you might still be unable to buy some of your favorite tweaks. This is because developers have to manually turn on the purchasing of their tweaks. Those that haven’t been updated for iOS 10 are likely to remain disabled to avoid users from installing them and facing issues.

Now that the purchasing system has been activated for iOS 10, users will no longer have to resort to workarounds such as tampering with system files, or purchasing tweaks on other devices, to get their hands on their favourite modifications. (Incidentally, the first of these two workarounds is a terrible idea anyway, and should never be attempted). Tweak  developers are now free to make their creations available in exchange for cash.


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