AT&T Expands Unlimited Data Beginning February 17

AT&T on Thursday announced that it is expanding its unlimited data plan offering to all customers. Starting tomorrow, all customers will be able to get unlimited talk, text and data on 4 lines for $180.

 The move follows a similar one by the carrier’s close competitor Verizon, who announced its own unlimited data plan earlier this week, and comes amidst strong pressure from both T-Mobile and Sprint.

The Big Blue carrier has announced that unlimited data will now be available to all, beginning at $100 per month for the first line. Lines two and three will be priced at $40 per month, per line, while the fourth line will be free. That includes unlimited data, talk, and text, and customers will be able to travel to Canada and Mexico and use their plan without any roaming charges.

AT&T is activating Stream Saver by default, which caps video streams to 420p, but customers can disable it if they choose.

AT&T does not make any mention of mobile hotspot data being included in the deal, however. Additionally, AT&T notes that if a customer goes over 22GB of data in a month’s time, their network speeds can be slowed during congested periods.


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