Apple’s ‘Planet of the Apps’ Series Has Finished Filming; To Feature a ‘Very Famous’ Host

Apple has reportedly finished filming Planet of the Apps, an unscripted television show about apps and their talented creators, MacRumors has learned from a person familiar with the project. The Cupertino company reportedly built a real set near Hollywood in order to record the show and tore it down at the conclusion of filming.

 From the source:
The set was absolutely beautiful and set up in a way like no other competition show I’ve seen before. It’s very tech chic, with beautiful decor and decorations. Only Apple could do it this way. It’s very, very well done. Steve Jobs would have been proud of the set.
The source also revealed that the show will feature a “very famous” host, though their name was not revealed. He also added that developers had to pitch their app idea in a very unique manner that was very different from shows like American Idol.

Casting for the show started in July last year that saw over 100,000 apps apply, though only 100 were finalised in the end.

With filming complete, the show will enter into post-production phase that can take a few months. Its unclear when Apple will release the show, though its likely that an announcement will be made about it at WWDC 2017.


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