Third-Generation Apple Watch with Better Battery Life and Faster Performance to Launch in Q3, 2017

Apple plans to introduce a next-generation Apple Watch in the third quarter of this year, reports Economic Daily News. Citing market watchers, the Chinese outlet says the new wearable will feature better performance and longer battery life.

The Watch is expected to be manufactured by Quanta Computer, who was responsible for building the first and second-gen models, and their focus will be improving the battery. The hardware will not likely see much change, the report added.

Previous reports surrounding the third-generation Apple Watch claim that the smartwatch will come with a thinner design and cellular connectivity. The addition of cellular connectivity should make the smartwatch more useful even when it is not connected to an iPhone since it won’t have to rely on the latter for data connectivity. A rumor from June 2016 also pointed to Apple switching to micro-LED display on the Apple Watch from 2017 thereby making the display thinner, lighter and brighter.

Would you be satisfied with a new Apple Watch this year that is faster and has better battery life, but looks the same?


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