The Apple Watch Looks Like an Original Mac in Elago’s W3 Charging Stand

If you have an Apple Watch and an affinity for vintage computer hardware, you’re going to love the W3 Stand from Elago. It’s a short, stumpy stand that’s built to make your Apple Watch look like an old-school Macintosh.

The stand is made of scratch-resistant silicone, and it conveniently holds your Apple Watch horizontally in Nightstand Mode. This allows you to view the current time, date, charging status and Calendar events at a glance.

The W3 Charging Stand from Elago is an accessory that turns the Apple Watch into the original, classic Macintosh. The charging stand fits both the 38mm and 42mm variants, and it’s a Nightstand Mode-only stand. It comes in the off-white shade, as well as a black option.
Because they share the same design, the W3 Stand works with the original Apple Watch, as well as Series 1 and Series 2 models. If you have an older Watch, of course, you’ll need watchOS 2+ to take advantage of Nightstand mode.

The W3 Stand is available now in both white and black colorways for $12.


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