Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Probe Details Leak; Blame Internal Design and High-Capacity Battery For Explosions

Official investigation conducted by Samsung Electronics has determined that a faulty battery was the main reason for Note 7 fires, a fiasco which led to a worldwide recall of the handset before the device was fully discontinued, Reuters reported Monday. A person familiar with the matter told the news gathering organization that Samsung should officially announce the results of the investigation next Monday, January 23, a day before the company is scheduled to reveal its fourth-quarter earnings.

It was initially believed by Samsung that the Note 7 units were exploding due to faulty batteries supplied by Samsung SDI. However, its investigation reveals that the internal design and the high-capacity battery were the reason behind the Note 7 exploding. The internal design of the Note 7 did not account for the high power consumed by the iris scanner and other components that led to the 3500mAh battery heating up. Due to the lack of proper space for the heat to escape, the battery’s temperature used to increased rapidly which in combination with the failure of the thermal management software led to the Note 7 units exploding.

As part of the announcement, Samsung is also expected to share measures it is taking to prevent similar problems in future devices. Some analysts are not convinced that faulty batteries were causing Note 7 fires because the problem persisted on replacement devices that used batteries from a different supplier.

“To me it’d be surprising if they said it was a supplier issue,” said Bryan Ma, Singapore-based analyst for research firm IDC. Many people suspect Samsung may not have given enough room for the battery inside the phone, causing it to catch fire.


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