iPhone 8 Rumored to Feature Flexible OLED Display and New Pressure-Sensitive 3D Touch Sensor

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted in today’s research note that Apple may adopt a combination of fingerprint and face detection sensors to supplant Touch ID.

In another note to clients obtained by MacRumors, Kuo claims that iPhone 8 will debut an enhanced form of 3D Touch technology with higher sensitivity and a wider range of pressure levels.

But, using that technology means that Apple has to make a change with the current implementation of 3D Touch, as they are not compatible with one another. So, Kuo expects Apple to switch from an “FBCB sensor to a film sensor,” which means it will feature a wider range of 3D Touch pressure levels, and an overall higher sensitivity.

Kuo adds that Apple will implement a metal structural portion around the 3D Touch area, because an OLED panel is more fragile than LCD panels. However, Kuo does not say whether or not this part of the design will be external or internal.

Here’s an excerpt from the analyst’s note:
Apple may switch to a film sensor from the current FPCB 9 (Flexible Printed Circuit Board) sensor in order to provide better 3D Touch user experience, as a film sensor offers higher sensitivity. Also, we expect the new OLED iPhone will come with a flexible OLED panel.
To avoid deforming the form factor of the flexible OLED panel from touch operation pressure, a metal structural part will be placed under the film sensor to provide more robust structural support.

 So what do you think ?


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