Apple sold about 2.5 Million iPhones in India in 2016

According to a new research data from Counterpoint Research shows that Apple shipped a record 2.5 million iPhone in a single calendar year in India. While this might not be much compared to the company’s sales numbers in China and the United States, it is still an extremely strong performance from the company in a budget sensitive market.

Most importantly, almost 1/3rd of the 2.5 million iPhone units were shipped in the fourth quarter driven by the festive period and the launch of the iPhone 7. The record shipments allowed Apple to become the leader in the premium smartphone market (>$450) in the country.

In terms of pure market share, Samsung continued to lead the Indian smartphone market with a 25 percent share. Apple, in comparison, came in at a lowly 10th position. However, Samsung’s position is continuously being threatened by Chinese OEMs like Oppo, Xiaomi, Lenovo, and Vivo, which have eaten into the Korean company’s market share and sales.

[Via Counterpoint Research]

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