Apple Releases Trio of New Ads for AirPods and One for Apple Watch

Apple on Saturday shared four brief television commercials for AirPods on its official YouTube channel, running fifteen seconds long each. The videos showcase some of the key user features of the wireless earphones, like accessing Siri with a double-tap and seamless Bluetooth pairing on Apple gear made possible by the firm’s in-house designed wireless chip, dubbed the W1. Watch the new ads and let us know how you like them in comments.

The 15-second ”Pairing” ad shows just how easy it is to pair the AirPods to the iPhone 7 and start listening to music over it. This simply involves opening the AirPods case and bringing them close to the iPhone after which one can start listening to music over it. As for the second “Siri” ad, it shows Lil Buck using Siri to play music over AirPods while walking on the street without ever having to take his iPhone out of his pocket.

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