Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumored to Drop the Physical Home Button

Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy smartphone appears to be poised to beat Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 to the punch now that Bloomberg has corroborated much of SamMobile’s report saying the Galaxy S8 will be a bezel-free device with a wraparound display featuring an in-screen Home button. The phone should be unveiled in February 2018 and launch in March.

That way, the Samsung device should enjoy a six-month lead over the iPhone 8’s expected fall arrival. However, the Korean giant is considering scrapping plans for a dual-camera on the Galaxy S8 due to “higher manufacturing costs”, one of the sources told the news gathering organization.

“Samsung will create an all-screen front for the Galaxy S8 smartphones coming out next year and scrap the physical Home button,” people with direct knowledge of the matter told Bloomberg. “The bezel-less displays will provide more viewing real estate while a virtual home button will be buried in the glass in the the lower section,” reads the article.

If Samsung can finalize its more rigorous testing (it doesn’t want another phone exploding after all) on time, then the company plans on launching the Galaxy S8 in March of 2017. However, the report also states it’s possible Samsung is forced to wait until April to get their new flagship on the market.

Apple is currently embroiled in rumors that suggest the upcoming iPhone 8 could feature an OLED all-screen design as well, and that there won’t be any type of physical home button — something Apple has already done away with in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The device will use either Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chips or Samsung’s in-house designed Exynos processors. The article reiterates that Samsung also plans to introduce a souped up version of its digital assistant, S Voice, alongside the updated phones.

From Bloomberg’s write-up:
Apple plans to ship at least one iPhone using OLED next year, featuring a new look that extends glass from the display to the device’s back and edges, a person familiar with the plan said last month. It’s also said to plan a virtual Home button.
The device should switch from metal to all-glass enclosures and introduce an all-new industrial design based on a seamless edge-to-edge curved-screen. Likely to be called iPhone 8, it’s said to integrate the Home/Touch ID button behind the display, too.


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