New MacBook Pro Fails to Receive Consumer Reports Recommendation Due to Battery Life Problems [Video]

Consumer Reports will not be recommending Apple’s latest MacBook Pro models due to inconsistent battery performance, the magazine said Thursday. After conducting a battery of tests, Consumer Reports discovered that battery life across all new Pros varied “dramatically” from one test to another.

On the other hand (as I note in this article), the battery woes might be caused by a software issue in Safari for Mac because Chrome (a notorious battery hog) fared far better in the tests.

Be that as it may, Apple’s latest notebooks received low rating and failed to earn Consumer Report’s recommendation “after battery life issues surfaced during testing”. As a result, the new MacBook Pro is the first Apple notebook that did not receive a Consumer Reports recommendation, said the magazine.

Consumer Reports says those were just a few of the results and they tested battery life on the laptops repeatedly.

Interestingly, Apple recently removed the battery life remaining estimates in macOS Sierra claiming that they were 'unable to keep up with or provide accurate information for users on the newest machines'. 


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