How to Reduce Cellular Data Usage When Playing Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is one of the biggest hit games to launch on the App Store this year, and although it’s getting a lot of attention from both Nintendo and Super Mario fans, it also comes with a big caveat: it requires an active internet connection.

For anyone who plays the game at home on Wi-Fi, this isn’t a big deal. Unfortunately, if you’re relying on a cellular data network to play, then you might end up using more data than you’ve bargained for.

The game’s data usage varies a lot, depending on what you’re doing and just how often you’re playing the multiplayer Toad Rally mode. Some users have been reporting data usage in KBs! While some say it eats up 50-60 MBs per hour!

If you’re one of those people, read our guide to stop Super Mario Run from draining your data plan.

Use Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Whenever you’re in an area with a public Wi-Fi hotspot, just use that. In a lot of metro areas, you’ll find them easily. Also in places like cafes and airports. Public Wi-Fis aren’t the best when it comes to security. So make sure to use a VPN when connecting to a Public Wi-Fi. Opera’s Free VPN app is pretty good.

Portable Router If You Have One

I’ve been using a portable router/hotspot, a Mi-Fi as it’s sometimes referred to recently. The one I use is from an upcoming network called Jio here in India. The reason I like it is it has an 8-hour battery life so in the morning I just unplug it in and thrown it in my bag. My iPhone is constantly connected to it, instead of using a data connection.

And my iPhone 6s Plus gets a phenomenal battery life compared to if I was using data the whole day. I usually still have 50% at the end of the day.

If you already have a Mi-Fi router or a portable hotspot with a data plan, use it instead of your iPhone’s Cellular Data feature.

Get a Mi-Fi device with a cheap cellular data plan and you’ll end up saving both money and battery life.

Disable automatic updates

Even if you’re not in the middle of playing Super Mario Run, app updates are inevitable, and this means your device may attempt an automatic update download when you don’t suspect it.
The game is over 200MB in size, which is pretty hefty. Some carriers limit App Store downloads to apps that are less than 200MB, but not all carriers do, and the latter are those who will suffer as a result of this problem.
You can disable automatic App Store updates by going to Settings → iTunes & App Stores → Updates and turning the toggle switch off.

Mooch off of a good friend

It’s possible you might have a good friend with an unlimited data plan or with one of those fancy family share plans with a high data cap. If you do, they probably have Wi-Fi tethering included with their data plan.

If you ask nicely, they might be willing to share their personal hotspot with you so you can play the game without blowing through your own data cap.

This solution isn’t ideal, because it just uses someone else’s data instead of yours, but it’s certainly an option if your friend has seemingly unlimited data and is willing to share it with you.


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