Facebook Messenger Launches Group Video Chat for up to 6 People

After enabling group audio calling on Messenger with support for up to 50 participants back in April 2016, Facebook today launched group video chatting on its popular messaging service. The ability to video chat in groups is the most requested Messenger feature ever, according to product manager Stephane Taine. The feature is rolling out today on iOS/Android and the desktop version of Messenger.

To turn your group chat into a face-to-face conversation, tap on the new Video icon on the upper right of the screen. Everyone in the group will be notified that you entered the video chat and each person can join if they’d like.

As noted in the original report, the group calling also features “selfie masks,” which will allow those in the video call to put different digital disguises on while they are in the call. Group video chat begins rolling out today for iOS, Android, and on the web.

Download Facebook Messenger for free from the App Store to test group video chatting today. The staggered rollout means not all Messenger users will gain this feature at the same time so check back later if you’re unable to access it just yet.


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