Apple TV Adds 21 New Aerial Screen Savers

tvOS packs in Apple’s attractive new Aerial screen saver which plays eye-candy high-definition drone footage of various landmarks and places from around the globe in gorgeous slow motion. Apple has now added 21 new videos to the Aerial screen saver, as first discovered by our own Jim Gresham.

The latest arrivals include birds-eye imagery from Dubai, Greenland, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and United Arab Emirates. Plus, there are now three new videos of Chinese landmarks for a total of 21 new drone clips.

The Aerial screen saver on the fourth-generation Apple TV picks the videos at random from the list maintained on Apple’s server at this location. We’ve parsed the data in the refreshed file to identify the newly added clips.

Click any link to stream the video directly from Apple’s servers:
Hong Kong
Liwa (UAE)
Los Angeles


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