Apple Pulls watchOS 3.1.1 Update After It Bricks Some Apple Watch Series 2 Models

Apple on Tuesday pulled watchOS 3.1.1, following complaints that the software is bricking some Series 2 Watch models. The update, which was released yesterday, includes support for new Unicode 9.0 emoji, some customization features, and more.

According to the complaints, after installing watchOS 3.1.1, affected Apple Watches begin displaying a red exclamation point and the URL A force restart does not fix the issue, and these Watches will likely need servicing.

Apple has not acknowledged the issue yet, but owners of the now bricked Apple Watch Series 2 owners have no other workaround to fixing their watch other than sending it to Apple. Going to an Apple Store will not be enough to bring your Apple Watch back to life since the OS will now need to be flashed using the diagnostics port, which Apple’s retail stores don’t have access to.

Apple will likely release an updated build of watchOS 3.1.1 once it fixes the bug. Until then, there is not much that you can do. And if you own a bricked Apple Watch Series 2 now, you should head send it over to Apple because the chances of reviving it without accessing its diagnostic port are bleak.


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