Apple Poaching Engineers from Here in Berlin To Work on Apple Maps

Over the past few months, Apple has been quietly hiring engineers away from Here, a Berlin-based automotive mapping company, for mapping jobs in Berlin. Interestingly, Apple’s never publicly confirmed that it has an office in Berlin.

In a few months time, Apple has hired over half a dozen Here engineers to work in its office in Berlin. Here is now co-owned by car makers BMW, Daimler, and Audi. The new employees that Apple has poached from Here are as follows:
Khang Tran – a senior software engineer at Here. He joined Apple as a software engineer this month.
Gilbert Schulz – a program manager at Here. He joined Apple in April and currently works on the Apple Maps team.
Konstantin Sinitsyn – a senior software engineer at Here. He joined Apple last November as a software engineer.
Manfred Reich – regional map and content lead, Eastern Europe region at Here. He joined Apple in July 2015 after spending seven years at Here Maps and currently works on the Apple Maps team.
Andrey Arsentyev – a product manager at Here Maps. He joined Apple in May 2015 and currently works on the Apple Maps team.
Torsten Krenz – a director at Here where he worked for more than two and a half years. He joined Apple in August 2014 and currently works on the Maps team.
Apple has no official presence in Berlin, but a report from earlier this year had claimed that the company has a secret office in the city where its engineers are working on the Apple Car. However, with the company reporting abandoning plans on developing the Apple Car, it is plausible that Apple is now assembling a new team to work on improving its mapping service. Earlier this month, it was reported that Apple plans on using drones to improve Apple Maps, and it is also working on a new indoor navigation feature for it.

Earlier in the month, Bloomberg reported that the Cupertino giant would use high-tech drones to help improve the accuracy and reliability of Apple Maps.


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