Touch Bar Imagined in Renders for Apple’s Wireless Magic Keyboard

German magazine and Dutch 3D artist Martin Hajek created plausible concept renderings of a future Magic Keyboard with a contextually aware OLED strip replacing the physical row of function keys, but that was months before Apple unveiled the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.
Now that the new notebook has been formally announced, Reddit user “Hazza42” felt inspired to create his own mockups of what a standalone extended aluminum Apple keyboard with an integrated Touch Bar might look like.

In the concept, the Touch Bar offers quick links to things like Facebook and Google, along with Photos, and Siri. There’s other system options, too, like volume control, and the Touch ID sensor is also present, albeit in the middle of the Touch Bar, rather than at the far end of the strip.

“I was inspired by the Touch Bar on the new MacBooks so I tried my hand at designing an updated Magic Keyboard,” the poster wrote. “Anyone else hoping something like this will be an optional extra when the new iMacs/Mac Pros are announced?”
There’s no telling if Apple is working on implementing the Touch Bar into the Magic Keyboard, but this render seems like a promising option at least. Though, potentially giving up battery life, or making the keyboard any thicker or longer, might not be worth the changes to Apple.

At any rate, the price of a Touch Bar-enhanced full-size keyboard would be a major factor in making an informed purchasing decision. I mean, as much as I think that Apple’s Magic accessories are cool, I just cannot bring myself to paying $99 for a Magic Keyboard, $79 for a Magic Mouse 2 and $129 for a Magic Trackpad 2.

And if it came with low-energy Bluetooth, backlighting, an integrated lithium-ion battery, low-profile keys like on the new MacBook Pro and a Jet Black variant with white or gray keys, I think I’d pay north of $100 for it.


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