Pokémon GO In-Game Event Offers Double XP and More Over Thanksgiving Holiday

Pokémon GO players had a chance to participate in the Halloween event last month, in which ghost Pokémon spawns were increased and double XP was rewarded for the entire week that the event ran for.

Now, Niantic has announced a second event coming to the game in celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday this week.

That includes capturing Pocket Monsters, and even visiting PokéStops. This event will run for one week, beginning Wednesday, November 23. As mentioned above, the event isn’t restricted to just the United States.

Here’s the full announcement from the Niantic website:

    It has been an incredible experience since we launched Pokémon GO a few short months ago in July. We are passionate about creating experiences that encourage exploration and promote exercise. We are humbled that hundreds of millions of you around the world have joined us on this journey. So we would like to say thank you – and what better way to say thank you than to celebrate our community.
    So, starting November 23rd at 00:00 UTC and going through November 30th 00:00 UTC, we will double the amount of XP and Stardust you receive when completing in-game actions.”
These special events have previously proven to be effective at getting players back into the game, so Niantic will probably be scheduling these kinds of events regularly to try and give players a reward worth working for.


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