Notification 10: Brings iOS 10 style notification banners to jailbroken devices

When Apple first released iOS 10 to the public we've seen tons of changes and features that Apple made in that software. One of these features is the new style of the notification banners. In case you are running a jailbroken iPhone on iOS 9 and wish you could get that iOS 10 style on your device, don't worry. Notification 10 jailbreak tweak is here and it brings iOS 10 style notification banners to your jailbroken device.

The new look and feel, which makes the banner look more bubbly with a bright title bar, will be seen universally throughout iOS. This includes the Lock screen, Notification Center, and even when a banner notification pops up while you’re on the Home screen or in an app.

You can swipe to the right on a notification and you’ll get the same options you would see on an iOS 10 device, including the clear button for dismissing the notification and a button for replying when it’s relevant.

When you install Notifications10, what you see is what you get, as the tweak has no options to configure. Overall, it’s a decent (but not perfect) iOS 10 notification experience mock up for jailbroken devices.

If you’re interested in giving the tweak a try, you can download it today from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for just $0.99. iOS 9 is required to download and install the tweak.

Note: Since the tweak is made for larger displays, we don’t recommend it on the iPhone 5, 5s, or SE. It’s intended for the iPhone 6/6 Plus and later. Installing the tweak on the smaller-screened device won’t look as nice.

Don't forget to tell us your opinion after installing this tweak on your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch.


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