Gold Plated Donald Trump iPhone 7 Costs Over $3000 [Photo]

Check out this gold plated iPhone 7 that features the face of United States President Elect Donald Trump. The custom iPhone designed by CAVIAR starts at 197,000 rubles or about $3100 USD. It has Trump's face, name, and campaign slogan ("Make American Great Again") on the back in gold.

Smartphone design is a composition coated with gold and embodied in the form of a volume of engravings depicting the portrait of Trump and the emblem of the United States, as well as the slogan with which Trump won: «Make America Great Again» ( «Let's make America great again").

This phone is - an expression of hope for a rapprochement between Russia and the United States and that of the benevolent words Trump of Russia will follow the actions that will lead to a change in relations between the great powers for the better.

CAVIAR has also made other custom iPhones and engraved Apple Watches that honor Russian President Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Lenin, and Peter the Great.

Such a waste of money...



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