Apple Seeds iOS 10.2 Beta 1 to Public Testers

Apple on Tuesday released the first beta of iOS 10.2 to public testers. The software comes just a day after it was seeded to developers, and a week after iOS 10.1 was released to the public. You can install the new beta via the OTA update mechanism in the Settings app.
As discovered in yesterday’s developer beta, iOS 10.2 contains a number of user-facing changes. There is over 100 new [Unicode 9] emoji, a new Preserve Settings option for saving your Camera app settings, new wallpapers, and a new widget for the stock Videos app.

Here is everything that’s new in iOS 10.2:

Video Widget: There is a brand new widget for the stock Videos app, which is accessible by swiping to the right from the lock screen or the Home screen. The widget shows the available TV shows and movies the iOS user has access to, and selecting one of those options will launch the Videos app and begin playing the content.

Apple Music: There are new options to sort music within the Apple Music app, including by recently added, type, and title. Songs can now be sorted by artist and albums as well.

Emergency Contact Notifications: When activating the Emergency SOS feature within iOS or watchOS, designated emergency contacts will also be notified.

Preserve Camera Settings: With this feature, users can preserve their last selected camera settings in the stock app, including the ability to preserve Mode, Live Photo, or Filter.

New Wallpapers: There are new wallpapers to choose from within iOS 10.2 beta 1.

Screen Effects: There is a brand new “Celebrate” screen effect found within the Messages app.

Emoji: There are new emoji available, as well as some major redesigns to previously existing options. The new variety include avocado, shark, owl, croissant, pancake, selfie, drooling face, and more than a hundred new options. Profession emoji are part of the mix as well, for both males and females.


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