13-inch MacBook Pro Teardown Reveals Modular Headphone Jack, User-Replaceable SSD

iFixit officially got its hands on the 2016 MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar at the top of the keyboard, and their team has already completed one of the detailed teardowns the firm is known for.
While we’re sure a lot of you are probably excited for the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, it’s a bit of a rarity right now as only the non-Touch Bar model is actively shipping to consumers.

The teardown

One of the first things the team noticed when diving into the machine was the reduced number of screws that hold the bottom lid to the unibody enclosure. Once those were off, there was a bit of a convoluted process to remove the lid, requiring the use of a suction cup and a guitar pick to remove. Once inside, this is where the magic begins.

The team also notes that the 54.5Wh battery inside the new MacBook Pro is 27% smaller than the battery found inside its predecessor. Other interesting tidbits revealed by the teardown include Apple’s use of vibration dampening screw gaskets for the new speakers that are significantly louder than the speaker on Apple’s previous MacBook Pro offering.

As for the ”advanced thermal architecture” that Apple boasted about while unveiling its new MacBook Pro, turns out they are not so advanced after all. The company has only relocated the heatsink screws to the rear of the logic board and added fans with varying fin size.

Moving to the SSD next, iFixit finds a custom plug and play unit, which rides off of super fast PCIe. These SSDs are supposed to be up to 100% faster than the previous generation MacBook Pro SSDs. The pin configuration and form factor appear to be new and completely custom, but regardless, third-party companies like OWC might be able to make upgrade units for this machine thanks to the ease of removal.



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