Thieves Walk Into Apple Store, Steal $13,000 Worth of iPhones [Video]

Criminal acts occur almost everyday, today and according to a new report from AppleInsider. Seven thieves walked into an Apple Store and stole $13,000 worth of iPhones in Natick, MA. The whole incident took just one minute and 36 seconds from entry to the exit doors. Do you believe that? 

On Wednesday evening a group of seven individuals made up of males and females entered the Mall and went directly to the Apple Store. These individuals, while clad in hoodies and/or hats to shield their identity, surrounded the area of the store where iPhones are on display. In orchestrated fashion these individuals cut the security cords and exited the store with 19 phones. Apple placed a value on the loss in excess of $13,000. The group fled easterly on foot and despite an extensive search was not located.
Check out the security camera footage of the robbery below. Anyone that can assist with the identification is asked to contact the Natick Police Department Detective Division at: 508-647-9520. You can give an anonymous tip here.

You can watch the video from here


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