Here are features that are no longer available in iOS 10

There is no doubt that iOS 10 is one of the best operating system for the iOS devices which comes with handful features and improvements. But you will notice that Apple has removed some features and replaced some more within iOS 10. Check out the full list below.

1) Delete all Emails

You can no longer get an option to delete all emails from an inbox in the Mail app. This is probably for the best. I’m sure some users might have done this accidentally. You’ll now need to select messages individually.

2) Photostream

This one’s probably for the best. Ever since iCloud Photo Library showed up, Photstream has been ignored like a distant cousin at thanksgiving. Now in iOS 10, there’s no mention of it – in the Photos app or Settings. If you’ve already got a Photostream album, you’ll of course see it, but that’s that.
Now, if you want to share your photos between devices, or save them to the cloud, you have to use iCloud Photo Library. Unlike Photostream’s weird 1000 photos and 30 days limit, iCloud Photo Library is much simpler. Although, the storage space is counted against your iCloud account, so you might need to upgrade that, if you have a lot of photos.

3) Deep Linking Settings Item
In iOS 10, Apple has disabled the feature where apps could deep link into specific parts of apps, or launch system apps as shortcuts. Currently Settings, Clock, Weather, Contacts, iCloud Drive, Voice Memos, and the Phone app are affected.

If you use a widget like Launcher to launch specific settings items, you’re now out of luck. Although, you’ll be able to assign shortcuts for calling people without any issues.

4) Hearing Tracks from the lock screen
Lock screen and Control Center controls for Now Playing screen have been simplified. And in the process, Apple has removed the ability to heart tracks from both the Lock screen and Control Center.
You can also no longer Shuffle or Repeat from the Control Center.

5) Slide to unlock
Apple is rewriting 9 years of history here by removing the old "Slide To Unlock" style and replacing it with "Press Home to Unlock". Now whenever trying to unlock your device you will have to tap on the "Home" button.

So what other features you are missing within iOS 10 ?


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