Google Assistant vs. Siri: Personal Assistant Face-Off

Siri continues to receive criticism over at times unreliable performance although Apple’s been advancing its personal digital assistant by leaps and bounds since its debut in October 2011.

Google, on the other hand, is regularly praised for its powerful knowledge graph and accuracy.

With that in mind, YouTuber Marques Brownlee took it upon himself to pit the Pixel’s Assistant against the iPhone’s Siri in a cool side-by-side video comparison.

In the video, Marquees Brownlee compares Siri on his iPhone 7 Plus to Google Assistant running on his Google Pixel XL. He asks both assistants a variety of questions to test their capabilities. Both assistants do fairly well in simple tasks like setting up a timer or location reminders, opening applications, and answering some simple questions.

When things get a bit more conversational though, Google Assistant is able to easily pull ahead of Siri. For example, if one asks “who is the president of United States” followed by the height of Barack Obama, Siri will fail to get the relevant answer. The voice assistant can, however, show more information than Google Assistant in certain cases like when asked to show the stock prices of Tesla.

Brownlee felt Assistant was more conversational, understood context better, sounded less robotic and had more personality to it that Siri. Siri could handle contextual questions in multiple queries, but she’s not quite up there on the level of Assistant.

From Michael Nunez’s Pixel review:
In fairness nobody has it, and Google’s is better than what’s offered by competitors like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. The point is that as a whole, smartphone assistants aren’t smart enough to be defining features. They’re gimmicks, and Google unwisely decided to build a phone around one.
Or as The Verge’s Dieter Bohn put it,  “Google Assistant is absolutely the smartest of the assistant bunch, but it’s not yet in a class of its own.”


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