Download Apple October 27 event wallpapers: “hello again”

Today, Apple announced the upcoming media event on October 27. With the announcement, in traditional fashion, comes a simple graphic representation of the event. As always, armchair pundits and tea leaf readers try to discern the hidden messages believed to be concealed in the graphic.

Just like the events before this one, the invite was quickly turned into a wallpaper. And if you’re exited about new Macs, one of the best ways to show that is to rock these new wallpapers, all the way to October 27th.

iPhone Wallpapers by AR72014

Twitter user AR72014 was of course the first one to give us iPhone wallpapers for the invite. You’ll find it in two versions – with the “hello again” text and without. I’m currently rocking the “hello again” version on the Lock screen and the simple version on the Home screen. And it looks great.

Download: With “hello again”. Without.

Alternate Wallpapers by AR72014

AR7 took the concept, and the major colors and made his own version. And I have to say, it looks epic. The fade Apple logo in black looks cool.

Download: All three wallpapers.

iPad Wallpaper

Download: iPad wallpaper.

[Via Cult of Mac]


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