Apple Reportedly Developing Car OS in Canada

Apple has dozens of software engineers in Canada building a car operating system, reports Bloomberg. The engineers are said to be working at an office in Kanata, close to the offices of BlackBerry’s QNX, where many of them were previously employed.

The engineers now work at an Apple office in the Ottawa suburb of Kanata, about a five-minute walk from QNX, the people said. Apple targeted QNX employees because of their experience developing fundamental components of operating systems and power management, a former QNX executive said. 
The car operating system is the software core of a future Apple car platform, in the same way iOS powers the iPhone. A separate Apple team is developing software that would guide future self-driving cars and run on the operating system, one of the people said.
Dan Dodge is the former CEO of QNX, and he was hired by Apple at the beginning of this year to head the Project Titan team. On top of that, the report state that more than two dozen former QNX engineers are now working with Apple, and commuting to the Apple office in Kanata. Doug Bowman is another executive formerly of QNX, who was hired earlier this year, and he’s heading up a separate division.

That new department, according to the report, is built to test Apple’s new Car OS in a virtual reality simulation. That’s the only way to test the new system as it stands, considering Apple doesn’t have its own car. With all of the shakeups reported within Project Titan, and the new focus moving forward, the report states that Apple is aiming for the Car OS and its self-driving solution to be completed by a “hard deadline” of late 2017.


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