Apple Removing Security Tether from iPhones in Some Stores

Apple continues perfecting retail experience for its customers as CNET reports today that some Apple Stores have begun to remove or have already removed security tethers from iPhone display models. Last year, Apple relegated iPods to side shelves and removed iPad smart signage.

According to CNET, Apple’s flagship London Regent Street store re-opening this Saturday will feature Apple’s next-generation store design and no iPhone security tethers.

The change should roll out to other stores, too, if this is any indication.

As for why the change has been implemented, the report from CNET points to the company wanting customers to be able to handle the iPhones without a tether holding them in place. Apple wants customers to be able to pocket the device, to see how it feels, put a case on it, and handle the unit unencumbered.

For what it’s worth, MacRumors notes that the company over the past few months has removed security tethers from iPhone display models at its Yorkdale store in Toronto and one of the stores in Canada.

“MacRumors has learned of at least two other stores in the United Kingdom where the security tethers, which activate audible alarms when disconnected, have been removed, and it appears likely the change will be phased in at other locations,” says the publication, so there’s that.


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