Apple hires COO and engineers from iPhone graphics provider Imagination Technologies

Imagination Technologies, based out of the United Kingdom, is a semiconductor designer that, earlier this year, was handing down job cuts.

Imagination is a fabless UK-based R&D company focused on semiconductor and related intellectual property licensing. Its high-performance GPU designs are licensed by companies like Apple for integration into their own semiconductor products.

Joe Rossignol, writing for MacRumors:

Imagination Technologies engineers Dave RobertsJonathan Redshaw, and Benjamin Bowman are also now employed by Apple. Likewise, a fourth engineer Simon Nield joined Apple as a Design Manager just this month. A search of former Imagination Technologies employees now working at Apple yields 25 results.
Many of Imagination’s employees continue to be based in London, but some have apparently relocated to Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Fuzilla alleged in 2015 that Apple embarked on building its own mobile GPU in order to cut the cord from Imagination. Sources in the graphics industry told Fuzilla that Apple’s been secretly developing a custom GPU in-house for a few years now.

The report also states that, based on information put forth by an anonymous tipster, that Apple is keeping a team in London, England, to build GPUs. However, take that information with a grain of salt, for the obvious reasons.

Imagination had five primary investors as of December 2015: Baillie Gifford & Co., M&G Investment Management Ltd., Apple Inc., Newton Investment Management Ltd. and Majedie Asset Management Ltd.
Source: MacRumors


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