This French Guy destroys everything in Apple Store with steel ball

When it comes to customer support service, many people get annoyed very fast but this French guy is taking it a bit too far. This morning a customer walked into the Apple Store in Dijon, France and started destroying various products with a steel ball of the kind that’s used in the classic French game Pétanque. If you’ve ever played the game, you know they’re very heavy.

In the following video you will see the guy undocking iPhones, iPads and a MacBook air, laying them flat on the table and crushing the screens with a barrage of firm smashes.

He is heard talking about ‘his consumer’s right’ and citing that he’s unhappy with how Apple handles his support case. Minutes later, security turns up and tries to escort him — but not without him trying to escape.

In the end, the team managed to stop him and have police take him into custody, said Le Journal.

How insane!


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