Login: An Awesome Jailbreak Tweak That Brings an OS X-Styled Lock Screen to Your iPhone

Login is an absolutely stunning new jailbreak tweak that offers an OS X-inspired login screen meant to replace the basic Lock screen on your iPhone or iPad.

Those of you who own a Mac will already know how the login screen looks like. It features a circular photo in the center of the screen along with a password field beneath it. There are also shutdown and restart buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Likewise, the tweak brings a similar style to the Lock screen of your iPhone. You’ll find a circular photo in the center of the screen with a passcode field beneath it along with three buttons at the very bottom of the screen for restarting your iPhone, locking it or switching it off.

You can choose a custom photo of your choice to appear in place of the circular image placeholder as well as set a hint for the passcode.

Of course, to be like OS X, it wouldn’t be complete without those power options. The Sleep button turns off your device’s display just like the sleep button would, the Restart button resprings your device, and the Shut Down button powers off your device.

Although the Sleep button will immediately put your device to sleep, the Restart and Shut Down buttons will display an alert like the one below to prevent unwanted resprings or restarts from happening by mistake.

After installing it, you’ll have to head to the tweak’s preferences pane in Settings to enable it. You’ll also find a “Configuration” section where you can do the following things:
  • Switch between Dark Blur, Light Blur and Extra Light Blur themes
  • Choose the profile image to appear on the Lock screen
  • Set a username to be displayed
  • Set the passcode to be used for unlocking your device. This can be a 4-digit passcode or an alphanumeric one
  • Enable ‘Immediate Unlock’ so that your device will be unlocked immediately after the correct passcode is entered
  • Enable or disable numberpad
  • Set a custom hint for the passcode
The tweak looks quite good in terms of aesthetics and is very similar to the login screen found in OS X. It does have a couple of issues. The first is that the passcode field sometimes disappears and doesn’t come back even after you lock and unlock your device. The only way to bring it back is to swipe up to view the default Lock screen and unlock with the original passcode.

The developer claims this tweak is compatible with all Lock screen jailbreak tweaks, which is a pretty bold claim. He also says this tweak will work with iOS 8 and iOS 9, so if this is something you’d like to try, head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repository right now. It’s only $1.99.


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