Last minute iPhone 7 leak shows new LED flash, glossy black colorway & more

The iPhone 7 has leaked out yet again ahead of Apple’s official unveiling later today. New images reveal the shiny black color option that is expected to be available in the new lineup this fall, plus a redesigned camera flash and a waterproof SIM tray.

Of course, the photos also show off that new black colorway that many people seem to be clamoring for. Check out the images and post your thoughts in the comments.

The image top of post appears to show off a rumored new glossy black colorway as well as that Deep Blue color option that Mac Otakara first mentioned a few months ago. The glossy black finish appears to attract fingerprints easily, but I’m sure you’ll be able to wipe them off given the backside is made from aluminum.

Apple is also rumored to provide a matte black color option.
The SIM tray appears to have a rubber seal on the edges to help with waterproofing. KGI also said the iPhone 7 would have IPX7 waterproofing like the Apple Watch, meaning it could survive submersion in one meter of water for thirty minutes.
What do you guys think about these images?



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