Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus Shipping Date Slips to November in Some Countries

It’s just been half an hour since Apple’s new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus handsets went on sale, and shipping estimates for select models have already dropped dramatically. The average delivery window now seems to be 4-6 weeks out, with the AT&T iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black simply showing “November” for the expected shipping date for both storage configurations.

Unlike other variants of the new iPhones that were shipping from September 16th, the Jet Black iPhone shipping dates were September 26-October 3rd right from the get-go. Surprisingly, the 256GB variant of the Jet Black iPhones seems to be more in demand with their shipping times slipping to November in some countries.

Demand for other iPhone 7 variants is also high, with their shipping time slipping to 2-3 weeks in some countries.

Did you order a new iPhone this morning? What’s your shipping estimate look like?


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