Apple’s Latest Ad Promotes Express Messaging and Balloons

Apple’s much improved Messages app in iOS 10 is more expressive than ever, especially with nicely done animations that take over the entire screen.

One of the fullscreen effects in Messages, a bunch of balloons that fly up from the bottom of the screen, is the central theme of a new iPhone 7 commercial that Apple posted on its YouTube channel today.

Apple launched its latest ad, appropriately entitled “Balloons,” for the iPhone 7 today. It’s message is all about the expressive messaging that’s available in iOS 10 and Appel’s latest flagship smartphones. It starts off with a single balloon, but as the ad progresses there are a ton of new balloons added to the mix.

Ultimately, the ad ends with an iPhone 7 users picking up their phone, seeing an iMessage saying happy birthday, and then the balloons show up in the message as well.

\ The song used in the commercial: “I Will Follow You” by Toulouse.


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