Apple Trademarks ‘iSight Duo’, ‘A10 Fusion’, and More

Trademark lawyer Brian Conroy today discovered some additional trademark filings by Apple, including one for something called “A10 Fusion” and the other for “iSight Duo”. Both of these trademarks were filed for on June 8, 2016 in Brunei. Additionally, Apple also filed for “Depth” and “Writeboard” trademarks.

The “iSight Duo” trademark might be the easiest to pinpoint, even if Apple’s marketing has been a bit different in the past. It’s not a secret at this point that Apple plans on launching the iPhone 7 Plus with a dual-camera setup on the back, so using “duo” would be an easy marketing term moving forward. However, Apple has not used “iSight” for the rear cameras on iPhones up to this point, instead using it for the front-facing cameras, so that would be a noteworthy shift.

“A10 Fusion,” on the other hand, is a bit harder to nail down. While it is expected that Apple will use an A10 processor in the iPhone 7 and its larger counterpart, there hasn’t been anything leaked regarding an “A10 Fusion” so far. Apple does have a Fusion Drive, though, in its Mac lineup, which combines a flash (SSD) and standard hard drive (HDD) into a single volume. If Apple is going this route for the iPhone, A10 Fusion could be hinting at a combination of the A10 processor and M10 coprocessor.

Simmons also discovered trademark fillings for “Depth” and “Writeboard,” which sound like easy marketing terms that Apple will apply to some feature, or a series of features. The “Depth” term could relate to 3D Touch in some way. Meanwhile, “Writeboard” could very well apply to a new feature being applied to the Apple Pencil moving forward.

“I’ve no idea how easy or otherwise it is to make a fake trademark application in Brunei, but the fact the applications are in Apple’s name and that are purportedly filed by local legal representatives certainly lends some legitimacy to them being real and genuine,” said Conroy.

Apple has also filed for the following trademarks:
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • Iris Engine
  • Touch Bar
  • Smart Button
  • AirPod Case
  • Tap to Replace
  • Raise to Wake
  • Digital Touch
  • The Future of TV is Apps
  • Home Hub
  • Planet of the Apps
  • macOS Sierra
  • Swift Lab
  • Progress Card
  • Breathe
  • Smart View
  • Rich Links
  • iBooks Storytime
  • Control Strip
  • Metal
  • EarPods
  • Today At Apple
  • Swift Playgrounds
  • Smart Connector
  • Genius Grove


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