Apple Submitted an Unknown Device with NFC and Bluetooth to the FCC

A mysterious low-powered wireless device from Apple has just passed testing by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and could be released in the United States in the next few months, according to an FCC filing that was first spotted by French blog Consomac.

It’s designated by the model number “A1844”, includes both Bluetooth wireless functionality and built-in NFC and is rated at between 100mA and 700mA (from 5.5V to 13.2V).

As for what the device is, that remains a mystery. It has a model number of A1844, and that doesn’t line up with any of Apple’s current devices. There’s a possibility that it could not be a consumer product at all, but something intended to remain at Apple HQ (at least for the time being), especially considering there is regulatory text engraved on the device itself.

Still, looks like Apple has something new one way or another coming down the pike.

Whatever this device is, the FCC has approved it for sale in the United States so it shouldn’t be long before we find out what it’s for. For what it’s worth, Apple filed the documents with the FCC on September 13, six days after it announced the iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2 and other new products.


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