Apple Shows Off Siri in iOS 10: Advanced Photo Search and Sending Money with Third-Party Apps

iOS 10 marks the first time Apple has allowed other people’s apps to integrate with Siri. The following app categories are permitted to take advantage of the new SiriKit in iOS 10: ride hailing, messaging, photo search, mobile payments, VoIP and workout apps.

The company already detailed Siri integration in popular messaging and payments apps and now a new blog post shows you how Siri can find photos inside apps like Pinterest, Vogue and more.

“Here’s a sneak peek at new photo-searching capabilities coming this fall as top apps unlock the power of Siri,” writes Apple.

On August 31, Apple added a post entitled “Hey Siri, show me my best selfies,” and goes on to showcase how Siri can be used to not only look up photos, but thanks to third-party integration, really expand how it all functions and boosts usefulness. For example, using an app called Pikazo will let the owner say something like, “Hey Siri, show me a photo of my daughter in the style of Monet on Pikazo.” The results will show a photo of the daughter, brought up in the style queried for.

Other apps like Looklive will show the user men’s fashion, especially as it relates to artists and celebrities. Asking Siri to show what Drake was wearing at the MTV music awards using Looklive is a possibility, for instance. Users will be able to look up a variety of content using Pinterest as well.
And today’s post is entitled “Hey Sir, send John $10.” As the title suggests, today’s post is all about how users can ask Siri to simply send money to a contact, and the digital personal assistant will make that happen thanks to third-party app integration. There are different apps that can be used to get this utility across, like Cash and Monzo. Some apps will also use Touch ID integration to secure the payment as well.

To reiterate, some of the more popular apps that have been confirmed to support Siri integration at launch include WhatsApp, LinkedIn, WeChat, Pinterest, Vogue Runway, Pikazo, Square Cash, Monzo, Slack, Looklive, Lyft, Fandango and The Roll. Siri-focused updates for apps that support Siri integration will be delivered to the App Store when iOS 10 releases for public consumption this fall.


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