Apple Music’s Personalised Curated Playlists Go Live for iOS 10 Beta Users

First announced at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June, a pair of forthcoming music discovery features went live on Apple Music this past Friday for iOS 10 beta testers.

Rechristened from “Discovery Mix” to “My New Music Mix” and available through the For You section of the Music app on iOS 10, this new curated playlist suggests tunes based on your previously played music.

Users on iOS 10 beta can have both playlists show up in their library by subscribing to them for easy access. This way, they will also have the option of downloading new songs from the playlist when it is updated every week.

Both these playlists are in addition to Apple Music’s existing human-curated song and album playlists which are updated on a daily basis. Still, “My New Music Mix” and “My Favorites Mix” should bring Apple’s streaming service one step closer to Spotify’s praised recommendations engine that for many people is one of the chief reasons for choosing Spotify over Apple Music.



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