14% of devices already installed iOS 10

September 13, Apple officially released iOS 10 to the public which considered Apple's latest softwares which comes with tons of features and bugs fixes for all iOS devices. It’s no different this year. According to data collected by Mixpanel, iOS 10 is now already installed on over 10 percent of devices out in the wild. Specifically, it’s already at 14.45%.

 Comparisons abound. When put up against iOS 9, which was released around the same time last year, that mobile operating system was only on 12.60% of devices after 24 hours of being available. iOS 8, for that matter, was closer to iOS 9 in its early adoption rate, too, which seems to position iOS 10 as a much more worthwhile software update for iOS users out in the wild.

iOS 10 didn’t have the smoothest launch yesterday. Immediately after the software became available, many users were quick to find that their devices had been soft bricked in the process. For many, even plugging in their handset to iTunes did not fix the issue. However, Apple was quick to alleviate the problem on their end, and soon after the release saw its first wave of complaints, it began to go smoothly.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus go on sale on Friday, September 16, and pre-orders will start to get fulfilled on that date as well, so we’re likely to see that install base jump up significantly.



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