Leaked Photo Hints at Apple Watch 2 Coming with a 36% Bigger Battery

Prolific leakster @The_Malignant today republished a pair of claimed images of a purported battery pack believed to have been designed for a 42mm second-generation Apple Watch. Originally posted by an unnamed source on the Chinese social network Weibo, the tiny battery shows an increased capacity of 334 mAh. By comparison, the original Apple Watch is outfitted with a 245 mAh battery (42mm version) so it’s entirely conceivable that the Apple Watch 2 could offer a few hours of additional battery life—assuming the leaked photo is genuine.

It remains unclear for now by how much the 38mm’s Apple Watch 2 battery capacity will increase.

Do note that while the leaked images do look real, their source has not been verified so it is entirely possible that they are fake. So, my recommendation would be to take them with a pinch of salt right now. Nonetheless, with the Apple Watch 2 expected to come with a built-in GPS chip and other new functionalities, the smartwatch does need to come with a larger battery to offset the increase in power consumption.

So what do you think ?



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